1. B

    WTB: Spec-R Wanted

    Looking to own my first Spec-R in the near future, I've been keeping an eye on here, SXOC, eBay, Pistonheads and the usual outlets to no avail. I've most recently been browsing the Japanese auctions in the hope of finding something a little 'different' out there. Interested to know what people...
  2. NICKO

    WTB: exhaust trade or PX

    I'm after a more sensible exhaust for my S15 as the current one I know is going to be too loud for neighbours when the car gets moved to the house :no: I currently have a japspeed cat back that's like brand new, no damage, no marks etc :cool: I would like to trade for something that ideally...
  3. E

    Greetings from NZ!

    My name's Kenny from NZ, I've owned a S15 Spec S for about a year now It came with the wheels (which I don't particularly fancy) and an unknown brand exhaust which is really quiet but still loud when I want it to be :D So far I've added an HKS filter and Nismo S-tune suspension Thanks
  4. Dan H

    Hi folks

    Hello people of the S15oc. I'm Dan, and I'm considering importing a S15. Currently, I've got a 180sx (so I'm no stranger to the Nissan s-body :cool:), and a 320d BMW for daily use. The SXOC seems to be a bit quiet on the S15 front, so hopefully I can find out a bit more about these cars on...
  5. DeanS15

    the forum is so quiet lately.....

    as above really, is it me or is the forum getting very quiet lately.....quieter than usual:confused:
  6. Andyw

    FS: Nismo Exhaust

    Hey guys, I also have for sale the old nismo system i removed from my car Was already on the car when i bought it, so i know nothing about it. Has covered abt 45k miles Looks quite tidy, and has a quiet sound, with a decent noise on throttle - ideal for people liking quiet exhausts 2...
  7. R

    Rob here

    Hey guys, Just picked up my Red SpecR lots of plans and fun ahead for it. Look forward to spending some time here. :thumbs: H12('00) GF-S15 SpecR 78000km (~49,000mi) Factory options: SpecR Aero wing & fog lights Non Hicas / sunroof only mods were HID / turbo timer (yessssssssss) /...