1. S

    Cranking for ages before starting

    I had a sterling alarm and push button start fitted the other day and now once it's been left a while it just seems to crank for ages before it will actually fire sometimes I have to pump the throttle a couple times. Generally once it's been ran a couple cranks and it fires but the next morning...
  2. dudley97

    FS: My Turbo set up for sale

    hi folks i am upgrading my sr20 with a td06 kit and im selling my old kit and im gonna sell it the kit has been in the car for around 9 months now and has never missed a beat i has been instaleed and set up by richard bradley here in northern ireland the kit ran 1.2 baR safely and ran well...
  3. K

    Very first trackday for me and car.

    Went to Llandow yesterday (oct 2nd 2010) jointly with the SXOC and The MKIV Supra club and what a great day. I'd not been on a track before, so was a little nervous, but the briefing went well and was well run. I was in the beginner (green) group of course :o. Was nerve-wracking queuing up...
  4. crazymat666

    brakes,boost etc

    is it just me or are the standard brakes proper pants?i get to 120+and i start to break and they are hideous sumtimes locking up which is obvs puttin me off doin those speeds(not like i do every day but uno we all have moments :) ) . any1 else experienced this or is it just me?and what can i...