1. DeanS15

    Looking to go round again.....

    Hey all, been a long time..... now I'm back with some questions if you've got the answers! It's lengthy so please bear with me... For anyone that already knows me I was an active member for a few years some time ago while I built up my last s15. I put my heart and soul into the car which...
  2. zero260

    Hi to S15oc

    Hello to everyone here at the S15oc.:thumbs: Not got a s15 yet but I currently have someone in Japan tracking down a very low mileage standard Spec-R for my next toy. I am very new to the S15 world and my knowledge is very very limited when it comes to this marque. I have been heavily involved...
  3. R


    Did you visit Soichi last Saturday,Big Phil was getting his S15 dynoed .on my way out when this smooth S15 came in on to the hoist ?Made me realise what a body kit can do for a car uuumm superb looking car :cool:
  4. J

    Jap-Show - Santa Pod - Saturday June 25th

    Anyone likely to be going? I realise it's a long shot the weekend after Silverstone! :)
  5. J

    Touch up

    My car's in the bodyshop today having the sill re-sprayed. It had a long scrape along the paint when I bought it but I didn't realise until I got it home. Hope it will be OK... hate leaving my baby with other people :(