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    what are my chances

    what are my chances of fitting thes wheels 17x8.5 +30 front 17x9.5 +40 rear AD07 235/45 255/40 i realy want these wheels i have nismo R tune coilovers aswell
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    Do i realy need a BOV?

    Just a quick one do i realy need a BOV or can i continue to use the OEM recirculation valve? Im fitting a 3071r tubo 256 cams De jetro 740 injectors, will haveing a recirculation valve restrict its performence? I got a turbo smart vee port but with the ARC intake pipe dosent alowe much room for...
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    Installing ARC FMIC

    Just about to head out ot the shed and start fitting my ARC intercooler just wana know can i do this on my own? what tools do i need? and how long will this take me? please help!! If anyone has pics let me know i realy neeed em such as where to cut and what to move
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    I'm FINALLY 18!

    Well guys.. I just turned 18! soo cheers! i got to go out and get realy drunk! :hurl: