1. Mycool

    WTB: 6 speed short shifter???

    Hi guys, ive been looking for a 6 speed short shifter for my s15 spec r. Ive been looking for one for absolutely ages now. & have purchased 2 where i was told its suitable but once received they always seem to be for 5 speed lol. Any about? Cheers
  2. sniffy


    Hey, Has anybody ordered from them lately ? I ordered something on the 17th of March and paid through PayPal and i got and email Monday saying my order was canceled cause they hadn't received payment and i have sent 2 emails with no replay from them.
  3. S

    Hitting Rev Limiter / Fuel Cut at 4500rpm

    Hey guys, Wonder if I could pick your brains?? I have bought my first S15 so please be gentle! Its an SR20DET, has a full exhaust, fmic, electronic boost controller, uprated fuel pump (not sure what injectors yet - not had time to check). Now, when its stationary it revs freely, but when I...
  4. T

    Total Nissan Launch issue

    HI all, We have heard that some subscribers to Total Nissan have not yet received their launch issue copy. We understand how annoying this can be so we have given some information below. If you subscribed before 31st January and still haven't received your copy.... Please call Stuart Bell...