1. S

    Sliver S15 Ricardo - Shoreham Technical Centre

    Saw a rather nice looking Sliver S15 driving out of the car park around 4:30pm ish whilst I was waiting in reception had to stop my conversation to have a proper look :) looked sweet.
  2. J

    Weak Radio Reception After fitting new Radio

    Hi all, I changed my radio last week. It still had the JDM radio which wouldnt work in Ireland, so i got a Kenwood, and installed it. But since then, the radio reception seems very weak. Is there something like a signal booster which i may have not wired up? Anybody have any ideas?
  3. Topper

    Radio Reception

    Does anyone have a problem with this?? One minute i can have a great signal, the next it is very poor, and in some areas, where i should get a signal (do in the Focus) i dont get a signal at all :no: