1. Jaydej

    Turbo to elbow gasket where to buy

    As the title says, any body have any recommendation seen a couple on ebay for £10.
  2. S

    Rim Recommendation from Vertex to suit Ridge (Widebody) kit

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at fitting 18" Work S1's to my S15 in the next few months. The S15 will be fitted with a Vertex Ridge (Widebody - adds 40mm Front and Rear) kit. Now my supplier has contacted Vertex Japan and they recommended the following sizes and offsets to suit the Ridge kit: 18 x...
  3. M

    Waxoyling Recommendation

    Folks, I realise this wont be that much help to many of you as your all over the country/world, but Id like to pass on a recommendation for a waxoyling place I used at the weekend on my 14a, so that I make sure it stays as clean as it is at the moment. The company is called the wax works have a...