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    FS: S15 lockwood dial, GReddy Trust Ultimate ECU wiring harness and FTO delimiter.

    S15 Lockwood dial. New. £35 posted recorded. Link:Nissan Silvia KMH to MPH Speedo meter clocks. Dials Greddy Trust Ultimate ECU wiring loom. New with splices, iso style connectors and bullet terminals (as pictured). £50 posted recorded. Link:GREDDY E-MANAGE ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL HARNESS KIT...
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    FS: APEX Rear Camber and Toe Arms

    Doing a garage clear out of bits - APEX Rear Camber - APEX Rear Toe Arms. They are both the bushed sets. Pictures will be added tonight. £180.00 inc recorded postage for the set (£238.00 from APEX brand new) OR £110.00 for Camber Arms inc recorded postage! £90.00 for Toe Arms inc...