1. A

    Redline lightweight shockproof 75W90 in my gearbox?

    After reading a load of gearbox threads...I fancy using Redline lightweight shockproof 75W90 for my gearbox, its been recommended here & in the "useful threads" section but also some have said its a GL5 oil & it will eat the various brass parts of the gearbox internals, is this true? What oil is...
  2. V

    Redline shockproof gearbox oil

    Has anyone used this stuff in their gearbox? My friend's Impreza gearbox was crunching the synchro going into 4th so he's put this Redline oil in (50/50 with another normal oil) and it has got rid of the noise completely. I'm thinking of putting it in my 6 speed to shut it up...
  3. oilman

    OPIE OILS now stocking REDLINE OILS!

    Opie Oils is delighted to announce that it has added REDLINE OILS to its list of TOP BRAND products. We now stock the likes of REDLINE Race & Motor Oils, Shockproof Gear Oils, Synthetic ATF's and MTL's, Water Wetter Supercoolant and many other quality REDLINE products (see link below)...
  4. L

    My two babys

    I thought it was about time I posted up a couple of pics of my cars. Some of you may have seen my drift car in Banzai or Redline this month as we were lucky enough to get a feature in both mags. Anyhow, here they are, I hope you like. From this, To this And from this, To this,