1. J

    Grey S15 Crosspool, Sheffield

    Saw a nice 15 up at Crosspool shops this evening, reg was ***JOE. Never seen it before but looks very decent.
  2. J

    White S15 Spec R. Sheffield, Frechville.

    White S15 Spec R. Sheffield, Birley Moor Road Drove past a gorgeous spec r on someone's drive everyday for about a year. Haven't seen it for about 2 months. Wondering if anyone on here knows whos it is as id quite like to know what happened to it. Reg was V851OBA.
  3. H

    Jap Meet Basildon white V reg Spec R

    looked nice :nod:
  4. Mirai_Vaits

    FS: S15yay - cherished plate

    Hi guys, Selling my private reg S15YAY via ebay auction below - Access Denied Will be a very familiar plate to a lot of you, splitting this reg away from the car has not been an easy decision but it's all going towards funding a well overdue engine conversion so it's not all bad! I can...
  5. S

    FS: Warren W18RAN Private Plate For Sale

    As per title retained from my current car i have the private plate W18RAN (perfect for a Warren or W Ibran) A friend of my dads buys and sells plates and has valued it in the £499 region so based on this valuation i would accept £450. Maybe open to sensible offers. Thanks, Jamie
  6. G

    Hopefully soon to be an s15 owner - info needed Hi, I'm going to look at a s15 tomorrow but the last one I saw was a dog so I want to ask if anyone knows this one before I go. Reg is t844 vuk See link to add above any info appreciated thanks
  7. M

    S15 rwd (reg)

    Seen s15 today on road into kilkenny with English reg I think was s15 was a navy colour massive wide archs,boot spoiler and yoshio rear led lights.. Just wondering was it anyone on here as I was in my own s15
  8. V

    White T reg spec R - A2

    Just seen a T reg White S15 heading towards the A2. I was part of the scooby convoy you overtook :D Anyone on here?
  9. Mike

    Another white 15 in Yeovil?!

    The old people at work insist it's a 15, I havent seen it myself but they see it at the Vauxhall garage almost daily! White, S reg, "says Silvia on the back" thats the description they give me! Anyone?!
  10. D

    pewter s15 on front welcome page with white wheels next to a shark?

    anyone know whos it was or is and where the pics are from. If so anymoe pics. Im sure its the one ive recently got but theres no reg plate visible
  11. C

    Pewter S15, M42 northbound, 3pm today - S*** KBA

    Who was it!? :D This is the 3rd one i've seen on the roads now. Full areo kit, white wheels S***KBA reg.. I was in my blue 307 and gave you the thumbs on my way past :) Was on the M42 just after the M5 junction northbound around 3pm I think.
  12. S

    front reg plate removed...

    just wonderin if anyone else noticed the massive difference i did yesterday, after drivin round with fmic fitted and reg plate on the car felt faster than obviously without fmic but when i took reg plate off the difference was amazing the boost increased by just under .1 of a bar all from just...
  13. Robbyp

    Sard Fuel reg fitting

    Is there a guide for doing the above to my car Regards