1. Joeh

    It's that time of year again! Japfest 2018

    Are you ready for Japfest 2018? The winter days are slowly fading, the roads are drying up (except for the random snow :ohwell:) the sun's out and its nearly time to get the car out of the garage again if you haven't already done so! So why not take the opportunity to meet some new people and...
  2. driftmonkey


    After owning this 8yrs ago and this its the only logical progression that 7yrs later i open my front door to this caged drift tuned hks nismo full bn kit.... mot next week and register her fat ass:) and get front bumper fixed :rolleyes: imported by myself.... bought from GARAGE R japan
  3. 8

    Hello from USA California ..........>>>>

    Hello every one,,,,, i have a 180sx type x with a s15sr20det am looking to buy a s15 but really hard to register in USA :( any one from USA ?
  4. S

    S13 Owner Here!

    Hi guys! Im Louis from kent. I have a Nissan S13 Frankenstein! It has numerous skyline, S14, 300zx and primera parts on it, and a growing number of S15 ones now too so I thought it was time to register on here! Thanks!
  5. N

    FS: 99 spec s for sale

    my silvia just landed and relised that i dont have enough funds to proceed my big plans and money is also an big issue at the moment!!!! its a 99 spec s which means no sva, the car is fairly standard apart from super nice finalspeed 17" alloys and tein coilovers stero was nicked during shipping...
  6. T

    Hi, and question about 2001 Spec R

    Hi i'm new here and been looking and reading up alot on S15s. can you register a 2001 S15 Spec R now? i've read post about model report only going up to 12.2000. but that was in 2007. and also does any trader here do SVA preparation, test and Register service on a fresh import? thanks
  7. M

    Hello from sunny Surrey

    Hi, its two years since I purchased my Silvia Varietta and only find time now to register with the forum mainly as I have a problem which I wonder if there are any kind members out there that can help me. At least having a problem has pushed me to register so now I can keep up with whats going...
  8. Sender


    I just wanna say hi, to all S15 users :wave: I met allready few of you, and thought I will register on this board, normally I'm SXOC user :thumbs: Kamil
  9. F

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi there, we have a lot of boys driving around in Japanese 2nd hand S15s down here. from the looks of it I am the first few to register from New Zealand? anyway, here are the photos for it, I think it looks alright