1. J

    Josh's Spec S Project

    Hey people! Bit of back round info about me; Live in Bristol, Recently purchased the car in about May time, and finally got it registered around June. I purchased the car off Dean who was a sound bloke! ( Think he might be on here), Anyway as soon as I saw the car I had to have it! Popped...

    Sam's S15, replacing a very tired S13

    Hi guys Thought its about time to put a build thread up Picked her up September last year after an excruciating 6-8 week wait which turned out to be 5 months :( Definitely worth it though :) She's a 2002 Spec R with a chequered past, wasn't registered in Japan for 12 years and has obviously...
  3. Keifer1903

    Newbie from Scotland

    Thought I would introduce myself onto the forum, From Scottish borders but based in Ripon north Yorkshire with my job. Currently waiting import of my spec R aero s15 so registered to get involved with meets and try hunt out some mods. Already bought a aero spoiler for it. Wanting to change the...
  4. C

    Back in the game..

    After a fair while off the scene, I've got my hands on another S15! This one is a little different to my last and a bit of a project on the side. It's currently unregistered so I have a bit of work to keep me busy. I've not registered a car before either so hopefully it won't be too difficult.
  5. P

    New Belgian S15 owner

    I'm Pieter and as the title says I'm from Belgium After searching for quite a while I finally found my car. I bought my 2002 Silvia from Auto Theussing that imported it straight from Japan It was a grade 4B and completely stock with Sunroof, Aero kit and optional Nismo coilovers expect for...
  6. M

    is it possible to registered or import the nissan s15

    hi s15 fans iam wondering why cant the s15 be able to register in the united states? can it be imported? i heard a lot of people saying it can be imported only as a track car but not daily street driven :cry: thats the sad part but anyways if the s15 can be legally imported or registered any...
  7. M

    Registering my S15 in the uk

    Hey Guys, Just after a bit of advice, my car is from Ireland (Southern) and i have been trying to find out what i need to get it registered in the uk? I have already applied for the Import pack from the DVLA (taking its sweet ass time to arrive!), and since the car is over 10 years old and was...
  8. S

    UK car tax

    I've tried to do a search and failed (does it not like words with 3 charecters) and read through this thread. My question. With the tax based on year of registration does that mean a fresh import would cost £790 for the first...
  9. L

    Hello everybody!

    Hi there, my name is Martin and i'm from Llanelli in South Wales. Currently driving one of these: But next Saturday i will be picking up my Ichi-go from Torque GT. Went down to see it yesterday, still registered on Japansese plates. Had a couple of cosmetic blemishes but they are getting...
  10. Nicely

    FS: Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-G V6

    The same one in my signature. Yes, the car is in Finland and Finnish registered. See here:
  11. N

    Hello From The North Of Ireland

    Hello Lads:wave: Some of you may know me from SXOC, only just registered as im on the look out for a S15 spec R. I've got the bug big time:)
  12. D

    wtk- s15 singapore

    what year were s15's last registered in Singapore? my country does not import vehicles older than 4 yrs heared someone said there are silvias registered after 2003 in singapore?
  13. S

    another nissan BUT not an S15

    this is my R32 GTR its still pretty much a stocker im waiting for rego B4 i can start work on it should be registered soon (cant wait) once its registered i will start work on the car the car will be kept as a daily so i wont be going krazy with it so it must stay in full street trim its...
  14. S

    not a S15 but still a nissan :)

    greetings i know it might not be an S15 but its still a nissan but it is still SR20 powered this is my 180SX and my R32 GTR the 180sx is still street registered but its gone abit out of control and is abit spastic on the road the R32 GTR i only just bought its still waiting for rego for...
  15. P

    HELP! fog light related!

    Hi All, Here where I live in Jersey we have a different car reg system called vrd, anyway here you don't have to strip the cars of any mods for them to be registered, however you need to have some diff changes to be registered, such as: E marked lights or japanese equivelent Foght Light that...
  16. M

    Hello everyone. I just registered today. This is my S15.

    Hello everyone. I just registered today. This is my S15.
  17. Nicely

    So, who in the UK has post-2001 registered S15?

    You're road tax has just lept, I'm afraid. New rules applying to post-2001 registered cars mean that if it produced more than 185g/km CO2, you get wacked for a ?25 per year increase in road tax. The official listing for the S14 is 233g/km.... Those registered pre-2001 get a ?5 increase. The...