1. J

    Japanese Odometer Check is back

    Only $49 for express checks and $29 for regular checks.
  2. Sparky

    Urgently need super unleaded in Ireland

    Staying near Galway and moving on to Cork tomorrow and will need to refuel very soon. Are there any local owners that can help with stockists in the area or will I have to go in search of Octane booster, as there only seem to be regular unleaded stockists ! cheers, Mark.
  3. B

    Any gym junkies on here?

    So do any of you guys hit the gym on a regular basis? Been going to the gym for about 5 years now, I currently go about 5 times a week.
  4. Yakozan

    Film: Audi R8 review by child :)

    something different to the regular reviews :) It's in Swedish but with english text.
  5. J


    Just a regular day around my house, don't you know! :cool:
  6. S

    Front pipe and dump pipe in 1?

    Hey! well, I'm a noob and i just wonderd what the difference between regular front pipe and frontpipe and dump pipe in 1? is one better then the other or?