1. S15AK

    Hi, and some advice please

    Hi everyone.. Been a memeber of a few owners club over the years, so I need to pick a few brains on this forum please, as I'm looking at getting a S15 R soon (hopefully) Its a 1999 plate (fresh import) and has 75k on the clock, what should I be looking out for when I go and look at it? when...
  2. K

    Driving songs

    Whats your favorite driving song to get you into the mood while driving ? I need some ideas because I want to do a car related video and I don't know what song(s) to put in it.
  3. D

    S15 From Australia

    Hey guys, Im David, from Australia Recently found this forum, pretty coool stuff, and the best part, its all related to S15s! :D
  4. sushiming

    Right this one is related to S15 ok leave it here heehee

    right guy enjoy this.....and yeh its related I guess I wasnt really that focused on the car but nevermind i think thats the left hand drive S15 remember the owners sighed up on here........
  5. Yakozan

    Hello :)

    Nice :cool: Like this forum better than the old one. And better smilies to :wave: Question: Do you have any webspace to put programs on. Like the Nissan Fast for example? the link on SXOC has gone dead and it would be good to have it related to the site. :) Edit: Someone should change the...