1. H

    Remote central locking Spec S

    Hi, did is the Spec S come with central locking?
  2. J

    FS: 2002 S15 Spec-R - AUS

    So the time has come to sell my beloved car as i am looking to move interstate in the next few months and need something a bit more practical for city driving. For sale is my 2002 Australian delivered s15. It has always been reguarly serviced and has never been tracked. I just recently spent a...
  3. V

    Immobiliser/key question

    Morning ladies, I have just got a Spec R (I'll start a thread shortly) and I've got a question. Do they have an immobiliser as standard? The button on the key, which I assume is remote central locking, doesn't work so I want to change the battery, however I am worried it might **** things up if...
  4. S

    Security alarm?

    Ok iv just about had it with my car alarm, I'm going to get it ripped out and a new one fitted! But what to go for? And if anyone knows of a good installer as well in east anglia,:thumbs: Would like: total closure, boot popper, remote start, blackjax (have to enter code befor engin start, if...
  5. B

    Disconnected the battery

    Now the immobiliser/ remote central locking and cd player dont work :( how do I fix them? I think the cd player needs a code or something, not sure why the immobiliser doesnt work
  6. Y

    S15 Security

    I have recently bought myself an S15 type R, The problem is that the immobiliser has been removed along with the remote central locking now it still has central lock just not remote. I want to put some sort of Security on my car now and was thinking of a Clifford Matrix 50.5X. Which has built...
  7. D

    Remote Central Locking

    Does all s15s come with remote locking as mine only came with normal nissan key.Seen other ones with the two buttons on the key?:|
  8. S

    fitting a remote start car alarm !!

    hey all !! i got a Preditor Evo 4 alarm with remote start, and i was wondering if any1 has installed 1 before ?, or any pics of 1 been installed ? not 100% sure on which wires to add in on wen it coms to the ignition nd the central locking !! and which wire on the alternator do add into ...
  9. M

    Arib Starbo Rs -1500

    As above there is one of these under my steering coloum does any one know what it is???? I think its some sort of remote engine starter!??:confused: