1. S15AK

    removing wiper arms

    Hi Guys Haven't really taken a proper look how to do this yet, but my front windscreen wiper arms are looking a little knackered (stone chips and a little rust). So I want to remove them so I can sand them down and paint them. Anyone taken them off before and what tools will I need? I've...
  2. Krish

    Shifter circlip removal!

    Why am I having such a problem getting this off! Everything I've looked at makes it look and sound easy.... Just not for me :-(
  3. DeanS15

    oil filter removal tools

    just for anyone thats interested, theres a guy over on sxoc selling filter removal tools that can actually be used on the sr. i've tried a couple and this looks like 'the one' lol. heres a link to anyone interested :)
  4. C

    Additional 'For Sale' rule

    Please note the following addition to the forum rules.. This new rule will take effect immediately. If there are any problems please contact a member of the admin team. Thank you.
  5. DeanS15

    air con removal

    i need to pick you lots brains :) though the silvia has aircon, i have never ever used it as with my previous 2 cars, i'd just rather open a window and get fresh air. anyway, with this in mind and considering that it would save a bit of weight, improve flow through the intercooler and rad and...
  6. K

    AFR Problem.

    So, I went to a dyno day today. Got awesome power (IMO) for what has been done to the car. BUT, there was a problem. My afr's are out of wack. Attached is the dyno sheet and I'm on the verge of detonation (so the dyno guys say). Starts at 14.5 on the left and to about 12.3 on the right of...
  7. DOM

    FS: Aircondition

    My aircon unit had to be removed to make way for my turbo. so most of it is in a box. Everything was working before removal. aircon condenser £55 aircon compressor £155 some aircon pipwork £15 or all of above for £200
  8. raytsang

    rear side window rubber

    Hi guys, I want to replace the rubber surround but keep the glass, as the rubber in mine are damaged from removal to respray the car. Is it possible to just order the rubber surround? if so anyone know the part number?
  9. J

    Dash > Stereo removal

    How do I remove the dash to get to the stereo fixings? I need to get the old system out but I'm not sure how! :o