1. justin666

    WTB: Spec R ECU - Rent / Borrow / buy

    IN order to get to the bottom of my non starting issue, I wanna eliminate the ECU if poss. Does anyone have a Spec R ECU I could borrow or rent for a couple of days in order to see how things go? Happy to Pay postage, collect etc and obviously a few beer / pie / KFC tokens can indeed be...
  2. C


    Hey guys, I no this is a bit of strange question but im new to this and thought you lot could help me out? does anyone know anybody that would be willing to rent out their Nissan Sylvia S15 for a weekend the beg of November? Its for a 21st birthday prezzie and would be willing to pay alot to...
  3. J

    S15 model report

    I have check SVA UK and they don't have it and model report direct hasn't got either. who can I rent the model report from? and how much is it? ?250? Cheers