1. Cess

    D-max clear repeaters?

    Hey, can anyone recommend a company that sells D-max clear side repeaters? I'm struggling to find anywhere that has these for sale. Or alternatively, what clear repeaters would you recommend? Thanks Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  2. C

    FS: Nismo smoked side repeaters

    Pair of brand new Nismo smoked side repeaters to fit S15's. Pics will follow shortly. I got them from Nengun earlier this year, but have since changewd my mind about fitting them £35 delivered
  3. sushiming

    nismo clear side repeaters anyone
  4. A

    Another Melbourne 15

    Hey All, Joined the last forum and found this one again so joined up. I have a Black Aus Spec S (Yes it does have a turbo). No mods yet as insurance is killing me being 20yrs old. Plan to get a turbo back CES exhaust with K&N Pod next. So far I have only changed the badges to Silvia and put...
  5. channie

    Last parts order for a while!

    My parts arrived today! (Better than xmas!) There gunna be the last bits i get for a while after my suspension parts spending spree last month, my credit cards bills are abit silly and making me feel :hurl: The whole delivery... Trust Airinx kit... Greddy oil catch tank... Nismo...