1. ChrisKnottIns

    Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    Hi, I thought you'd be interested in this even if your car insurance isn't due just yet but especially if it is! There's some bad news but there's also some relief at the end... The bad news According to an industry report last week, Comprehensive car insurance premiums are now at their...
  2. Auss15

    Highlands Park MotorSport track New Zealand

    This looks like a really good race track they have built in Cromwell in the South Island of NZ. Hope some of our Kiwi brothers can give us a track report if they get a chance to drive it, Id love to give it a go...
  3. D

    V55/5 Problems !?!

    I am filling out my V55/5 for my car.... The trouble is that i have the SVA certificate but that does not contain much of the detail for completing the form. As i have the certificate do I still need to complete the information for the SVA or will DVL complete the relevant sections as i have...
  4. T

    model report for 2001 spec r

    i have been hearing many different things from different people andi need it clearing up. does an s15 2001 spec r have a model report for it. if so, which company. your help would be much appreciated.
  5. K

    HELP! ... with ESVA

    Hi all, i've got a bit of a problem. Nicely generously lent me his front bumper so as to get the car through the ESVA, but i went to fit it and found a little problem. Does anyone have the two front bumper reinforcement assemblies and the undercover bumper fascia. I'm really stuck here as...
  6. J

    S15 model report

    I have check SVA UK and they don't have it and model report direct hasn't got either. who can I rent the model report from? and how much is it? ?250? Cheers