1. Larsz

    co2 emissions

    Hi, I need some help with some data on the S15. In order to register it in NL, in need the co2 emission data. Like 180 gram/km for example. Could you guys help me out? P.S. And by any chance you guys know what the retail value was of the S15 spec R when it first sold in Japan? Thanks a...
  2. L

    WTB: WTB s15 headlights Pair

    I am search of new/used S15 black housing head lights. trying to keep cost lower than retail. let me know what you have ty.
  3. Feast Japan

    FS: Dead Stock *IC, Gauges, Susp.

    Guys, a bunch of dead stock and offering it very cheap. If your interested in anything, please act fast. We have listed these items on a bunch of sites + newsletters. -#1- Blitz - MD Model Boost gauge - Carbon Backing With Red, White or Blue Dials. This is a mechanical type gauge with no...