Tomei Reytec Software

    Hi guys Anyone know of anywhere to download the Reytec software? Tried googling but getting run round in circles. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: TOMEI Reytec ECU

    TOMEI Reytec ECU + Cables + Mapping Software Hi, I recently converted back to stock ECU my S15 and I am putting my TOMEI Reytec ECU for sale. This ECU converts a MAF into a MAP in a blink of an eye. The kit includes: ECU MAP sensor Air Intake Temperature sensor Cable to connect computer to...
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    Tomei reytec Vs Power FC

    dear guys, anyone out there using tomei reytec ecu? how do you compare these two ECU interms of function? im currently looking forward to upgrade my ecu, but still considering on either tomei reytec or power FC. i hope you guys can give some comment about this topic. thankss