1. tooley

    ODC round 2 results/pics me and richy!

    Well My self and Richy had our ODC round 2 on sunday! beautiful day! sun was shinning!! My clutch in my s15 is slippping so richy was kind enough to let me compete in his s15. Richy wend 1st and scored a 0 in the 1st run due to a spin, and scored 59 in the second run. I was in the last pack...
  2. tooley

    Dori Dori teaser- team blue

    Go team blue! YouTube - Richy twinning with Tooley YouTube - Richy and Tooley twinning
  3. tooley

    Video of me and richy drifting

    take a look was a wicked day
  4. LuPix_S15

    DWYB 2nd Dec 2009 - Videos

    Hola, Here's the first vid from DWYB yesterday - had a blast!!! :cool: The double-kidney was covered in oil and mixed with the general wetness from the rain it was crap for drifting (understeer = bad times). Was gonna use this track as the main one for the day but when Richy went past and...