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    problem with fuel tank cover

    I had a fuel leak and spotted it was due to a cracked connector (wasnt this bad untill i moved it and completely snapped): I need a replacement now so will be the whole part. Does anyone know where to get one or if the s14 ones are the same? Thanks Rick
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    WTB: Deep dish steering wheel, boss and quick release

    Looking for all the above. Doesnt have to be all at once just show me what you have with a price. Cheers guys. Rick
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    WTB: need rear panel. Or a s15 thats breaking?

    Need new rear panel due to damage. So will need ether to source a new one of get one from a breaking s15 Any help is great thanks guys Rick
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    WTB: need rear quarter panel any help?

    had a nice incident with a wall and the back end is now pushed in and been told i might need a new rear quarter panel. Does anyone have one or know where i can get one? I live in hampshire if that helps at all. thanks Rick
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    FS: 3" Japseed Exhaust

    Hi Decided to keep the car more standard for now. so i am selling this exhaust i got from starlet rick. borrowed pictures looking 100 pounds collected
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    WTB: S15 Rear Subframe

    As above, I need one ^^; if the S14 one is identical (I'm sure it is, but not 100%) I'd take one of those aswell Ta, Rick