1. C

    WTB: Wanted: Fog light rim covers and Coil pack cover

    Hi, Does anyone have foglight rim covers for sale on the OEM non-aero front bumper? My nearside one fell off :ohwell:! They look like this - Also after a coil pack cover, ideally a blue tomei one like this - Thanks! Chirag
  2. S15_SAM

    FS: Manaray sport vertec vr5, 18x8j et38, 18x9j et35, toyo t1r, michellin pilot 3, Swaps

    I'm looking to swap my wheels for something different but in similar sizes and offsets! Price is 500ono but would prefer a swap! I prefer 5 spoke styles like GTR's etc. must be straight and true aswell! My wheels are all straight with very minimal curbing, I have painted over them in gloss...
  3. LuPix_S15

    FS: Rota SVN-R 18x10 ET30 5x114.3 Bronze

    Hi all, I've just secured a set of AVS Model 5 rims because I need something more narrow for my track car as I'm going to be using semi-slick tyres in future. Therefore, my lovely set of Rota SVN-R's are up for sale They are 18x10 ET30 all round. Fitment is usual Nissan 5x114.3. They've had...
  4. S

    FS: WORK Xsa Alloys

    Hi all. Ive finally got round to pulling my old wheels out the garage to put up for sale. They are staggered fitment, Work Xsa, in excellent condition. Only selling, as I fitted some GTR wheels a couple of months back. These are genuine Work wheels, and are excellent quality. They are...
  5. C

    FS: RAYS Gram Lights 57S wheels 4x114.3 16"

    RAYS Gram Lights 57S I bought these wheels a few months ago from a member on here with the intention of fitting them on my MX5 which I have since sold. One of the rear wheels had a slight ding in the rim lip where it had been curbed so I had the set professionally refurbished and powder...
  6. M

    tyre fitting in dublin????

    anyone know of a good place to get my rear tyres fitted??they are 235 tyres to be fitted on 10 inch wide rim so wanted to know of any places in dublin that have experience in fitting stretched tyres..
  7. DeanS15

    wheel fitment

    yep - its the wheel pest with more questions and queries....:o i am being lured towards fitting 9jx18 et30 all round or 9.5j et35/9j et30 but have been doing a lot of head scratching over whether it will fit or not....i need peoples help. :confused: i did a bit of an experiment today and...
  8. 4

    My s15

    My s15 by 40404040 Pics of my 2002 s15. regards to fellow silvia brothers. Rim changed color
  9. J

    Gulf Split Rim Alloys

    Hey, just wondered if anyone's ever heard of an alloy wheel manufacturer called Gulf. My S15 im picking up this week has a set fitted and im told they are a 3piece split rim but i'v not been able to find a single piece of info on them anywhere on the net. Presuming their an easter make but even...
  10. S

    The price of Three piece wheels

    i think each piece worth what other one piece wheel is. I just got a quote for ROH Modena it's about 1000 NZD per one which is about 330 pound :annoyed: :annoyed: ah!! however on good side, it looks good :D this is really light for such a big rim. I might hunt for 16x11 or similar...
  11. J

    Weight of Standard S15 rim.

    Anyone know what's the weight of a standard S15 rim? thanks