1. M

    Stock boost characteristic

    Hello, Was wondering how boost pressure was supposed to hold on a stock car. Made a dyno health check and saw my car boosting 0,5bar but after reving 5k it starts to rise up to 0,7. Thinking theres a fault with the boost regulation. Going to try wastegate pressure next time. Is the 0,5Bar in...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    UK's car insurance premiums on the rise again.

    UK's car insurance premiums on the rise again. For those interested, here's a copy of an article we wrote for the Saab Owners Club GB magazine in early February about the potential for insurance premium increases across the whole market. "As we move into the year we know that Article 50 will...
  3. dave_t

    S15 OEM Boost Gauge - Not Working

    Right, since i picked up my S15 from the docks, the boost gauge has worked intermittently. It sometimes seems to function ok, but other times it will slowly rise to max boost, - then back off down to vacuum, and stay there. is there a common problem with these?
  4. Topper

    Ferrari F430 Touge Run

    Watch how quick the revs rise and fall, this car must be flying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7rEFxUxxpU