1. Fruitbooter

    Has anyone ever replaced a cv boot on an S15?

    Just wondered how hard it was? or is it easier to buy a second hand shaft and swap it? My boot split last year but I fixed it up with a puncture repair kit and lots of glue and tape :D ...has been fine for over a year but has split again and has lost too much grease now so dont want to risk...
  2. C

    Private motor trade insurance

    I know a few people on here are in the motor trade so a quick one for you guys.. I've got 3 cars at the moment and am fed up of paying for seperate insurance policys so have been enquiring about private motor traders policys for road risk only. The first quote I've had back was something silly...
  3. D

    FS: S15 Aero front bumper - K6020-85F50

    Painted / Primed #WV2 according to the paperwork Brand new Complete with all fixings etc as supplied from Nissan Not a mark on it Available right now No waiting months for it ;) Collection preferred to save risk of damage in any way, but I can post out as long as you agree any damage is at your...
  4. D

    can you buy

    can you buy the blanks for the headlights as i would gather put blanks in rather than risk smashing the lights