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    Ignition Timing for Spec S on Irish fuel.

    Hi folks, Just baught a timing gun and checked my timing, it was at 15* advanced from TDC. I increased it a degree at a time taking it for a run and listining for detonation. Its at 18.5* now and makes a very noticable difference, the power comes in at lower RPM's and the delivery is far...
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    WTB: Front wings

    Hello over there, i need a pair of standaard front wings,if anybody have a pair let my now, it must be shipped to the Netherlands Thanks Greetz Ron
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    Sporting Car Club of South Australia

    If you guys would like to see what my club is all about, visit A large ammount of the content and pics are mine. (Photo Editor) I'm also an Administrator on the Forum. On the Home Page as you scroll down you will see "Ron Johnson's Pic Of The Week". These are some...