1. M

    Hello folks :)

    Hi I used to be a member here a couple of years ago, met a kind gent graham ( topper ) from aberdeen when i was looking at s15's...ended up getting a 350z instead. I thought i would rejoin with a new name, which also goes hand in hand with my change of business which has now been successfully (...
  2. J

    Ideal for road-rage situations...

    Ha ha! What a great idea, the Rotary Canon exhaust! :D
  3. T


    Hi Everyone, Joined S15OC before this new Forum started but have not been very active since I joined. I'm from Sydney Australia. Bought my 2002 GT Spec R just over 6 months now. My previous cars have all been rotary powered, had a SA22C and FC RX7's. I really miss the buzz of the rotaries...