1. C

    FS: SSR Professors 17x8 +29 & 17x9 +37 - Swap/Sale

    Have a set of 4 SSR Profs 8 + 9J. Nice stainless dish and the middles are a sort of Cherry/glitter red. You may have seen them on James Lu (LuPix) car. will get pictures up soon. VGC. Looking for 18" Rotas Ideally but will sell to buy £950 The image above is before they were put on. Now...
  2. tooley

    Me and richy drifting at pembrey :D

    Vids up soon!! had a wicked day Me blue 15 advans rich blue/whites15 rotas
  3. N

    FS: 19" axis alloys for nissan for sale

    These are in matt black very similar to gtr rotas £400 no tyres