1. Mike

    Epic Pugrrari.

    Take a moment to admire this bad boy! :rotfl:
  2. LuPix_S15

    Took some pics... made me just a little more reluctant to sell her...

    lol had to update 'For Sale' pics so went out at lunchtime today and spent 30 mins sorting out nice ones... makes it just that little bit harder to sell her up :rotfl: C'est la vie :) James
  3. R

    FS: FREE

    have a standard taillight from my s15 only have the right side not posting :rotfl: so its there for the taken before i chuck it out:wave:
  4. Roots82

    Trax 2009

    Hey, is any one going? I know a few that have been before from here, but i never have.... Is it as chav infested as it looks? :rotfl: Would be good to seem some pro drifting again :D
  5. Roots82

    FS: Rear Boot Lip

    I've decided to change my rear boot lip for a different style, Is anyone interested in this one? It was originally from a BMW, cant remember if it was a 3 or 5 series. They are practically the same though so it dosen't matter much :rotfl: It would probably fit straight on to another pearl...
  6. mint

    WTB: Hazard Switch

    Yup just incase! :rotfl:
  7. irvs

    soo drunk

    soo drunk right now and dam it feels great.hehe. hate working all day and night at th3e weekend.(reallyhate being a spark these days))) anyone else pissed up???. tonight cant get anny better craic tyhan 2night mate just tole me his woman is pregers ((only 18))):rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl...
  8. J

    Help with the Skyline

    Can any of you suggest a way to fix this problem? The wiring connector that clips to the AFM on the Skyline (R34-GTT) doesn't 'clip' anymore as the clip snapped off (me and my big fingers!) Anyway - now it simply sits in place and every now and then we have a problem with the conection which...
  9. Yakozan

    Pictures of flutter

    Found this flutter-thread on :) Hilarious :rotfl: