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    Distributor Rotor Arm for 2001 SR20DE

    Hi All PLEASE HELP Sorry to bring this up Again but have searched the forum and no answers found Car Runs but misses badly due to Excessive wear on Rotor Arm Nissan Main Dealer says he cant trace the correct part numbers for the Rotor Arm or Distributor cap. Car is a 2001 S15 SR20DE On...
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    What front caliper does a JDM S15 spec S have?

    are they the same as the USDM S14 calipers? What rotor size are they? 257/22 or 280/22? Thanks!
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    s15 brake disc technical drawings

    i am a 4th year mechanical engineering student and for my final project i would like to do a brake disc analysis on an s15 but i cannot find any technical drawings of the brakes. if anybody here has any drawings of the brake discs with all dimensions it would be very helpful. thanks very much
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    WTB: S15 SR20DE NA distributor cap and rotor 2001

    S15 SR20DE NA 2001 distributor cap and rotor nr on distributor itself 22100 65F12 on cap T716 on rotor T257 my Dutch Nissan dealer can not deliver any of these numbers if there is someone in UK, Japan or Australia which can order this at his local dealer and send these parts to me (in the...
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    aftermarket replacement rotors - stock size

    Hey Guys I've searched through past threads but no one seems to recommend any specific brands for stock size aftermarket rotor replacement (front rotors). Any suggestions on brands? EBC, Brembo - has anyone tried these? I do some track work and my stock rotors have suffered from hair line...
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    Will these rotors fit stock rims etc.

    Will these brake rotors from an R34 GTR Skyline fit the standard S15 hub and have clearance with the standard rims See page 6 of 19. Specs as follows: S15 DBA Series 4000 rotors Diameter 280mm, Original Height...