1. willy s15

    FS: volvo R front rotors

    hey to all i have set front rotors from volvo r is 330x30 is like new very little use i change with some bigger rotos is oem rotors very good quality price is 100e / 90pounds plus fee and ship to anywhere you are pics below
  2. willy s15

    FS: audi s3 p8 front rotors

  3. willy s15

    FS: audi s3 p8 front brake rotors

    hey all i have a set front rotors from audi s3 p8 345x30 this front rotors is with 15.000klms in great shape like new i change it with bigger pics on request priceis 80euro plus fee and ship i anywhere cheers
  4. willy s15

    FS: volvo r s60 s70 brembo front rotors drilled like new

    hey all i have a set front rotors drilled from volvo R is like new i change it with bigger rotors has on it 5.000klms is 330x30 \ pics on request price for it is 80euro plus fee and ship it anywhere cheers
  5. willy s15

    FS: skyline r33 front set brakes 4pot

    hey to all i have front alloy brake set with rotors from r33 skyline -sumitomo brake 4pot calipers with pads in the middle only thing need is a good clean is quite dirty -brembo rotors 320x30 in great shape -price for set is 350euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i can load some pics on...
  6. willy s15

    FS: nissan 350z brake set like new

    hey all i have a set brake brembo calipers from 350z with almost new rotors 324x30 has on 10.000klms -brembo calipers with pads in the middle -rotors brembo like new price is 500euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i have rear set 350z with rotors 324x20 -brembo calipers with pads in...
  7. C

    Porsche Panamera brake kit

    Hi All I have an option to purchase a brake kit from a Panemera. 6 pot fronts, 4 pot rears. Few questions though. The original rotors were 360/330 Would you say a 356 rotor would be ok as well? Whats the best place to get brackets made up? Would you recommend changing the brake cylinders...
  8. JDM_virgin

    Brake modification

    I know most of you on here run skyline brake setups or k sports (or something similar), but I was wondering if anyone had spaced out the stock calipers in order to fit bigger rotors. I cant really justify an expensive brake upgrade as wont be using the car on track but I do want sharper brakes...
  9. Rider4Life

    FS: Rotors (drilled / slotted) + pads front / rear * NEW *

    * Sell * NEW! Nissan Silvia S15 (S14) Rotors (drilled / slotted) front / rear Brake pads front / rear Supplier Mintex Price with shipping: 350 €
  10. - 0h -

    S15 Turbo brakes

    Hi all, I own an S15 non turbo version and I'm in the process of doing the brakes upgrade. So i'm just wondering do the brake calipers and rotors from S15 turbo ones straight fit into my S15 spec S? If so, do I only need the calipers and rotors from S15 turbo's? what else do I need? Cheers for...
  11. U

    Udi's S15

    2002 Spec-R GT Bought off an old man with 27,000 on the clock, bone stock Done a few little things to it: - HKS Silent Hi-Power tbe, FMIC, JDM ecu - RAYS Gram Lights 57maximum, Potenza 050A's - R33 Front calipers, 296mm slotted rotors - Adjustable camber/caster/traction/toe rods, lower springs -...
  12. G

    290mm rear brake space kit, what car do these come off so i can order them

    ordered a 290mm rear caliper spacing kit off rhdjapan but didn't want to pay postage cost of getting rotors to aus, just wondering if anyone knows what 290 mm rotors will fit the rear on an s15, eg what car they come off so i can make an order ive been looking but cant find the information any...
  13. I

    brakeing in the brakes

    is it a bad idear to brake in new rotors with new pads?
  14. I

    aftermarket replacement rotors - stock size

    Hey Guys I've searched through past threads but no one seems to recommend any specific brands for stock size aftermarket rotor replacement (front rotors). Any suggestions on brands? EBC, Brembo - has anyone tried these? I do some track work and my stock rotors have suffered from hair line...
  15. TriniGT

    R34 GT Brake Upgrade

    I decided to create a new post rather than cluttering other people's post. I am in the process of upgrading to the R34 Rotors and calipers. Just got them in and wanna put them on as soon as. Also decided to pick up a set of braided lines and some Motul 600. Actually I have several combinations...
  16. E

    Lightest brake rotors and calipers?

    I'm looking to upgrade these in the future. I'm not really chasing a lot more braking power, but more to reduce unsprung weight. Any recommendations? I know the R34GTT system is alot lighter than the stock s15. Anyone knows how heavy the rotors are? Anybody has any idea on project mu rotors too?
  17. G

    Anybody Used Crossed Drilled Rotors?

    Hi All, I have 2 questions. 1) Does S14 & S15 carry same front brake rotor dimensions? 280mm diameter, 30mm thickness? 2) Has anybody tried out crossed drilled & slotted rotors? Are they more durable?
  18. P

    Will these rotors fit stock rims etc.

    Will these brake rotors from an R34 GTR Skyline fit the standard S15 hub and have clearance with the standard rims See page 6 of 19. Specs as follows: S15 DBA Series 4000 rotors Diameter 280mm, Original Height...