1. kimi

    Car has won a trophy

    :D while at Rotorstock at santa pod last weekend, we parked up and gave the car a very quick rub over with the leather,, then walked away to watch the strip. What we had no idea about was Rotorstock people were walking around the show looking at everyones cars. We were called back to the...
  2. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: Rotorstock 5

    Hola :wave: Since Kimi and I seem to be the first people interested in going to Rotorstock this year, why not announce this and see if we can get an S15OC stand together? Before I carry on, like I said before in the JAE thread, I will only continue if the admins are happy for me to do so - I...
  3. moomin

    Rotorstock anyone???

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone is going to be attending Rotorstock this weekend??? havn't seen much about it on here or sxoc, which strikes me as odd!? personally my favourite show of the year!!! :wave: