1. J

    FS: 15 row oil cooler

    as above 15 row oil cooler with relocater kit.perfect condition 200 euro contact 0860535246 or pm
  2. J

    oil cooler Q???

    just wondering is it any harm having a oil cooler if its not thermostaticly controlled??can your oil go too cold resulting in it being bad for your engine???also how much extra oil would i need to add to my engine after fitting a 13 row cooler??
  3. richy200

    FS: 13 row mocal oil cooler and braided pipes

    I have a 13 row mocal oil cooler for sale. I bought it ad it hasn't been plumbed up. Don't really want to sell this but having to buy and engine was more important so this is for sale i'm just after what a paid for it. £80 delivered was a nightmare to get the cooler out, had to dismantle...