1. jake

    S15 short hub

    I'm looking for a steering boss for my s15 iv already ordered a grip royal wheel and horn button as well as a low standards snap off boss But I'm looking for a short boss that will fit the s15 the only one I can find I like is the nrg one but only for the s14 not s15 and not sir if it's the...
  2. T

    Big up Andy @ Project-D

    Not sure if anyone has dealt with these guys before, I got my ARP stud kit and some Banjo bolts for the water lines and the service has been second to none. There was a bit of an issue where by royal mail contanstly seemed to be loosing things in the post, but rather than waiting about untill...
  3. Yakozan

    pics: Photo session with my car.

    A friend of mine wanted to take some pics of a car. So this is the result. He took em this evening so most are just quickly refurbed. Not close to complete. You can see parts of the Royal Castle in the backround. Rest of the pics are here...