1. I

    NISMO 2013 Calendars

    Hey people, We currently have some NISMO 2013 Calendars in stock! Desk Calendars available at £12 delivered Huge Wall calendars available at £29 delivered! Way cooler than any other rubbish you got for Christmas!!!!! Give me a shout if you are in need!
  2. J

    speedo bulbs

    hi, at the moment ive got blue bulbs in my speedo and there so rubbish i cant see my speedo in the dark. what bulbs do i need and does anyone know how to.take the speedo out? thanks
  3. mint


    What do you guys know about this company? Any good or bad reviews kicking about? They have told me they can source a low millage s15 other there privatly and that he can BIMTA check it when its here, but im curious.. He's quoted a milage for it already, but what if it comes over and its BIMTA...
  4. L

    Anyone in the TQ11 area

    Hi everyone, I suppose I should have went and introduced myself first but I'll do that eventually! I'm currently on the lookout for a S15 spec r but due to living up in Scotland there are absolutely none up here never mind any for sale. I've seen one in Torque GT that I think is nice (the...