1. 2


    Hello crew, Another ozzy, had my S15 since 2002 it's gone from stock through 3 build process, first build was basic bolt ons & 200kw atw, second included cams & a greddy TD06 L2 20G full kit, third got a little out of hand now runs 485kw atw vet head 6262 precision etc. Now comes the task of...
  2. Mycool


    Hi all - basically iv came across something really odd today with my s15... My rear plate bulb had blown so i ordered some new led bulbs for it, fitted them & they still wouldnt work - so i automatically thought maybe there not working because there led, so i went out & got some normal bulbs...
  3. Jaydej

    Atmospheric or recirc

    This is a common subject in any forum but what do you guys think runs best on a S15 VOTE!
  4. crazymat666

    Where are all the breather pipes?

    I wanna check anything to do with what might give me a air leak?just to be sure everything's cool as it runs a little bad when hot.i got a new afm on the way but would like to check all the airways lol
  5. J


    spark plugs have been changed and ive checked the coil packs. if i run it at 0.8bar is runs fine. if i put it to 1.1bar it splutters on full boost sometimes. what could cause this :(
  6. Fasthands

    FS: Honda SMX 2.0l auto Black

    Hi folks I am selling my old SMX it's a black Lowdown model 2.0l automatic fantastic little run about and quite quick too.. It'a 1997 model with MOT until Dec no tax at the mo runs out end of this month. Runs perfectly a few imperfections but generally in good condition, four nearly...
  7. TriniGT

    WTB: S15 Leftside Door Interior items

    First of all I live in Trinidad in the West Indies so I will need to get things shipped to me. Things I am looking for, Leftside door switch Door Handle Cover i.e. covers screws Door Opening Mechanism Plastic Trim Top Molding that runs to the top under the mirror on the outside of the door and...
  8. S

    spec r abs removal?

    is there going to be any issues when i remove it? been told the abs runs the speed sencor? any how to?
  9. T

    FS: 2002 S15 for sale

    £10500ono, 60k miles, metalic blue, lightly modified twin plate clutch, hks induction, hks exhaust, hks boost controller, tinted rear windows. usual standard PAS, electric windows etc. CAT 1 alarm, immobiliser, tracker RCL. 1 years MOT. Great condition, Runs brilliantly and it's been well looked...
  10. G

    z32 need help installing

    can any one give me a detailed guide and maybe a diagram of how to wire a z32 air flow meter in ive got an fc also which is un tuned and runs like **** any thing i need to do on the hand controller once the z32 is in cheers
  11. J

    Timer or no timer? That is the question!

    I'm worried that I'll bake my turbo if I don't let the car run-on after I've driven anywhere. So I have some questions... Firstly, should I be worried? When should I let the engine run on? after short runs, long runs, hard runs, soft runs? What are 'the rules'? How long should I let it run...