1. R

    Engine bay rust repair?

    Hey guys, went to see an s15 at the weekend with a friend of mine. He has a small budget so we’re looking at the bottom of the barrel, anyway the car we went to see had a few small rust blisters in the engine bay where the factory air box would be and on the seem around the strut/turret, he...
  2. A

    WTB: manifold heatshield with bolts.

    Anyone got a non rusty exhaust manifold heatshield?
  3. J

    Hello from Luton

    Hi all, I am Jay and have a 99 s15 spec r. Brought from a member on here in October last year and couldn't be happier with it. (Even though it has developed a slight gearbox issue). Coming from owning numerous s13's I really do enjoy having a good condition non rusty toy:nod: Anyway I hope to...
  4. J

    ECU remapping for beginners???

    While im down south this week picking up my car i was going to drop by horsham dev's to get the ECU remapped save having to drive back down at a later date, but having not driven a RWD turbo before, and being 4 years since my last manual, im gonna be a little rusty on the gear change n of course...