1. J

    New From Ireland

    Well Lads, Hows things Said id join up, Mainly to look at other builds and see what nice parts ye have :D Have a Blue 01 Spec r S15 First Ever RWD and couldnt settle for less then an s15, Will throw up pics in a bit :D
  2. M

    S15 rwd (reg)

    Seen s15 today on road into kilkenny with English reg I think was s15 was a navy colour massive wide archs,boot spoiler and yoshio rear led lights.. Just wondering was it anyone on here as I was in my own s15
  3. M

    Greetings from Essex

    Hi all. Recently set my sights on an S15 Spec R. Currently driving an Impreza STi V2 wagon pictured below. I'll probably keep that for the winter and look to upgrade in a few months time. Just wondering what the differences are, if anyone's gone from 4WD to RWD? Having never drove RWD before...
  4. ali619

    Your perfect 3 car garage

    Only rule is one needs to FWD, the second RWD and the third 4WD. GO!!!!!
  5. H

    Hello from London - Honda owner converted by RWD!

    Hi all, Been a huge Honda nut for the past few years, but after going out in a few drift cars I've caught the RWD bug! :wack: Here's my current Integra Type R, hopefully I will have a Silvia soon!
  6. J

    How are things?

    Alright people's, Im James from Ireland and I got myself a Silvia s15 spec-s standard as can be. Seen this site whilst looking for info, so im here now! Hopefully I'll have some input to the site. Always liked these cars plus I wanted to get something rwd! I dont know much about Nissans so im...
  7. J

    WTB: wanted rwd road/drift car 5k max

    as above cheers
  8. H

    Hello people

    I am just looking into getting an S15. I currently have an EVO 8, but I am looking to get back into some RWD motoring. So I found this place and I am sure that it will be a good source of knowledge. Once again, hello to all of ya:wave:
  9. O

    S15 Front End and SR20 DET in 96 Neon

    Any one wanna give me any ideas on wat i would have to do to make this possible? i wanted a project and i thought about this one and i think it would be very unique once is done. And also wat would i need to make a Neon RWD? cause when i put the SR20 in i will have to have it RWD.
  10. P

    Hello all new member.

    Hi guys/girls,just joined the site as im looking into buying an S15,currently got a impreza P1 which is up for sale,and the only other car that is as rare/good lookin seems to be the sylvia s15 :nod:,also the reason is im fancying trying rwd :D,so im on the lookout for a good one,pretty sure ill...
  11. R-Spec

    More developments on Nissan's compact, RWD coupe

    "According to company insiders with whom we've spoken, Nissan has been working on its own compact, rear-wheel-drive vehicle for over three years, and the announcement from Toyota and Subaru about their own RWD coupe has caused Nissan to ramp-up development. Details on the new vehicle are still...
  12. Yakozan

    New Silvia might become reality. Seems like it would be a step down from the previous Silvias performance wise which isn't that strange considering that the S15 pretty much was on par with the Z33. Looks pretty good though. Aslong as they keep it RWD with a good diff and has a tuneable turbo...
  13. C

    FS: FS: SR20DET RWD ITBs w/ Plenum for turbo application

    City: Eugene State/Province: Oregon Price: 800 Shipped via paypal!! I have a set of ITB's with a custom plenum / fuel rail made for an sr20det RWD. This setup made 321 whp / 305 ft-lbs of tq @ 17lbs with a gt28. Got these off of jr_bump a while ago but decided to go with a different...
  14. A

    Hello there

    Hi there, Just thought i'd do my little introduction thing. I've joined because after being in Australia for the last 4 weeks and seeing loads of S15's over there now i want one! lol I currently have an 06 Reg Mini Cooper S Works (2nd one i've had now) and i love it but want a RWD car next...