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    FS: S-15 for sale in USA

    Hi, we have a 200 S-15 for sale right now. It is going for $33,000. 26,000 mile and white color. It's located in CA right now. Also, we can import other S-15, Skylines from Japan. OUr company is Supaca Improts : supacaimports.com you can email us at supacaimports@gmail.com or call 213-305-4200
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    S-15 for sale in USA

    Hi we are the importer of JDM vehicles. WE now have one 2000 S-15 spec R for sale at $33,000. It can be registered in most states other than CA. For CA residents, there are someone to help you get your license plate though. Please check supacaimports.com or send email to supacaimprots@gmail.com...
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    American Newbie :)

    I don't own an S-15 Silvia (yet). My name is Jason, I'm in the US Air Force, and on my way to Okinawa Japan in June, and I'll be there a minimum of 4 years. I plan on picking up an S-15 Spec-R shortly after I arrive, they are priced very well there, $10k US for a nice stock one. I'm not much...