1. B

    New Scottish Owner :D

    Hi, Im Paul from aberdeen, Picked my s15 up a week ago from torque gt. She's pretty standerd at the moment, with only a nismo exhaust and nismo s-tune suspension and even snow tyres! Time to let the modding begin :D
  2. John-

    WTB: S-Tune suspension

    Anyone got any?
  3. C

    FS: Nismo s-tune suspension s15. Px against coilovers.

    Got for sale my nismo s-tune suspension as I want to go for adjustable coilovers. These are the proper ones for a s15 to. Price wise, I'd prefer to Pz against coily's but say £180. Im willing to travel for the right deal to. But I'm located in Cheshire/Norfolk. Will get pics tomorrow when...
  4. C1TPT

    FS: Nismo S-Tune Suspension

    Right guys, I am thinking about selling my S-Tune Suspension! It's a great kit and I wouldnt change it but I want to go lower at the front :wack: I dont have pics of it at the moment but it looks in good condition (although its a bit dirty) No leaking shocks etc. I dont know what its...
  5. I

    Hi from Australia darwin

    thought id put up my car before i install all my mods Mods so far are Kakimoto 06&R no mid muf. Apexi pod Pioneer AVIC 900 Alpine Type-R componets front and rear Alpine Type-R 12" sub custom box Mods to install ARC FMIC (crosflow) ARC Super Micro Radiator 36mm core Apexi Power FC D-jetro...
  6. E

    Greetings from NZ!

    My name's Kenny from NZ, I've owned a S15 Spec S for about a year now It came with the wheels (which I don't particularly fancy) and an unknown brand exhaust which is really quiet but still loud when I want it to be :D So far I've added an HKS filter and Nismo S-tune suspension Thanks
  7. E

    FS: Nismo S-Tune (G-Attack) - S15 Version

    I have for sale a set of nismo s-tune suspension, very well known and very well respected, it really is an awesome suspension kit. This kit is the S15 versions, which as can be seen here, is slightly different to the s14 and s13 models (however it is interchangable with the s14 models):-...