1. R-Spec

    S-tunes : Red&Silver vs Yellow&Blue

    Hi all, I've purchased second hand Red&Silver S-Tunes springs and dampers to replace leaking Yellow&Blue which I had on from import. They both say "S-Tune" and reportedly from S15 and from looking previous I thought they were just a newer/older model...However... come to fit them and the...
  2. Max

    WTB: S-tunes Nismo

    Hi, looking for some good condition S-tunes to swap in when I get my bushes done next month. Just to save me having to get them from Nengun really. Let me know what you have, plus if you need any energy suspension bushes in the next few weeks from the states let me know as i'll have a hefty...
  3. R-Spec

    WTB: Suspension - good conditon coilovers (good brand) or very good condition S-Tunes

    As above... One of my S-Tunes has popped a leak :|
  4. lvaleiron

    Nismo S-Tunes or Tein Super Street???

    Hi guys, Just as the title says, i'm trying to make my mind between these two suspension systems... The nismo s-tunes are the one that Toby is selling and there is another guy in Canada which is selling me the Tein SS. I currently have fitted Tein super drift as my intention at first was going...