1. dave_t

    WTB: Wanted - S14/S15 Rear Seat Belt Buckle 'Recepaicles' x2

    Im after a pair of seat belt buckle 'Receptacles' from an s14/s15. example pic: If you have a pair, Pm me for quickest response :thumbs:
  2. 5

    FS: S14/S15 Tein Rear Strut Brace

  3. dave_t

    FS: S14/S15 Rear Upper Strut Brace (Professionally Polished)

    Item: Having a little clearout and i don't see me fitting this so its up for sale. S14/S15 Rear Upper Strut Brace which i had Professionally Polished, along with my front one, which i am using on the car. Th finish is brilliant, better than OEM by far! Brackets and Hardware in great...
  4. S

    FS: Weld ABS heat shield for S14/S15

    I am changing my plans for heat shielding due my installation set up so I have for sale a Weld japan ABS heat shield for S14/S15. I a very nice bit of kit. http://translate.google.co.uk/transl...00%26bih%3D754 its new un-used... it was trail fitted and that's it. SOLD
  5. CMR

    FS: HSD MonoPro Coilovers for Sale S14/S15

    HSD MonoPro Coilovers for Sale S14/S15 7k Front / 5k Rear Spring Rates They have done roughly 3000 miles. Very good condition all round with minor surface rust on the springs. All threads are clean/intact and collars move freely. Comes in the original HSD box with C spanners and Allen...
  6. S

    FS: GT2871r .64 turbo setup

    kinda testing the water here as i want to go top mount. all parts are on the car still Silvia s14/s15 sr20 for sale is: Japspeed Turbo Elbow t28 £40
  7. Sideways Simon....

    WTB: Wanted: DW s14/s15 camber & toe arms

    As above, looking for a set of s14/s15 camber and toe arms. does anybody have a set that there selling...??? excellent condition is a must. Otherwise ill just buy direct from Dw
  8. T

    FS: Hohohoh - nismo stunes -hohoho

    As above, in perfected working order. No signs of leaks etc, and as you can see from the pictures in quite resonable condition. These are a great mid way point for someone who wants to firm up there S14/S15 but not turn it into something so stiff its unbareable. Drops the ride height by...
  9. G

    Newbie, quite a few questions...

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a '99-'00 Pearl White Spec R. Could you tell me: - Do all S15s have ABS? I plan to run my Racelogic TC. - What is the favoured aftermarket ECU for Silvias, does anyone run a Megasquirt? - How do JDM cars cope with the British acid roads, are there any particular areas...
  10. R

    WTB: sr20det rocket cover

    sr20det rocket cover wanted s14/s15
  11. L

    FS: standard nissan s14/s15 alloys on ebay

  12. slammedmind

    FS: URAS Tatsunootoshigo S14/S15

    I have a set of these for sale, €50 new and still boxed if anyone is interested thanks Rob
  13. sushiming

    FS: alignment kit bit and bobs for sale

    check it out pair of standard S15 front seats £260 offers around great condiction HKS filter could do with a new foam £15 to fit SR20 sold delphi dot5.1 brake and clutch fulid 1 and half bottles £8 sold Apex Alignment kit S14/S15 sold Rear lower tie bar £30 S14/S15 sold Subframe collars £35...
  14. D

    FS: S14/S15 parts

    Few bits i no longer need. S14/S15 HKS step 3 272 cams €260 S14/S15 Front downpipe €60 S14/S15 Xs Power performance backbox €130 S13 Rear adjustable camber arms €60 Also few S15 interior bits. Delivery can be arranged. Thanks Derek
  15. S15RKM

    Adjustable suspension/handling parts

    Found this set at XS-POWER :- http://www.xs-power.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=62 Fits both S14/S15 looks great value,what does everyone think?
  16. H

    FS: S14/S15 Intercooler kits.

    S13/S14/S15 Intercooler kits. Hi all, I`m a bit cheeky posting here as a trader (well... at least in Holland), but I think this is a real nice deal for all you fellow S15 owners! Nissan Silvia S14/S15 Intercooler kits. Size: 600x300x75mm. Incl. piping and fittings etc. Pipes are alu, with...