1. oilman

    Engine Oil Viscosity

    Engine Oil Viscosity Viscosity is the most misunderstood aspect of oil and yet it is the most important. Viscosity is the force required to shear (break) the oil at a certain speed and temperature. Oils work because they have viscosity; the drag of a rotating part pulls oil from a low-pressure...
  2. oilman

    Answers From The Oil Expert Part # 2

    Hello all, As a follow on from our last post on questions and answers from John Rowland we now have part 2 for those that crave more ?oily knowledge?. As before some of these topics have been covered but we feel worth the read. Some oil companies have run advertising campaigns that imply...
  3. oilman

    Gearoil F.A.Q'S

    We are often asked why don?t you do an article on Gear Oils? Well, an article would be very complex but here are the answers to a few FAQ?s that we have had over the years. What does API GL mean? API stands for American Petroleum Industry and GL stands for Gear Lubricant, see below for their...
  4. oilman

    Are 0w and 5w oils too thin?

    I read on many forums about 0w and 5w oils being too thin. 0w-40, 5w-40, 10w-40 and 15w-40 are all the same thickness (14 centistokes) at 100degC. Centistokes (cst) is the measure of a fluid's resistance to flow (viscosity). It is calculated in terms of the time required for a standard...