1. S

    Newbie from Southampton

    Hi all, Currently own a '99 spec Toyota Starlet Glanza V. Looking for an S15, probably a Spec S as I don't want to sell the Glanza and can't really afford a Spec R without selling it. Insurance is also a factor haha. Although might wait a few months and save up a little more, we shall see...
  2. S15_SAM

    Japfest 2014 castle combe S15oc stand

    Just incase you don't venture out of this section much, Joe has just put up an Japfest 2014 organisation thread in the events section, for the S15 owners club stand. if your planning on going this May then sign...
  3. J

    Christmas Special -Odometer Check

    Check out our e-store for our christmas special for an express odometer history check. Ask Santa to stuff in in your stocking and save... (offer ends on Boxing Day )
  4. J

    Are your car's kms correct?

    ​We can check the odometer reading before export of any secondhand Japanese Import. Please view our store where you can save 10% compared to ebay: Regards, JOC
  5. Fruitbooter

    Home owners / Saving for a house?

    So what’s your story, are you currently saving like me or did you make the plunge into home ownership already? I keep having bad thoughts about selling the S15 so I can have a nice wedge towards a deposit for a house, keep talking myself out of the idea though as I love my car too much. I want...
  6. J

    WTB: side skirts needed a.s.a.p!

    needed a.s.a.p!! preferbly in england to save the massive postage costs! thanks
  7. S

    s15 windscreen rubber!!!HELP!!!

    Hey guys, Im just about to remove my front windscreen doesnt matter if it cracks (already is), But how the hell do you get it out, the rubber is giving me the biggest dramas do you have to ruin it to get it out or can you save it??? (should i cut the rubber mould) Also whats the easiest way to...
  8. A

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Cloth Rear Seats

    Wanted: S15 Cloth Rear Seats Must be in good condition, preferably in the UK to save shipping costs :nod:
  9. S

    FS: Kuro s14a 200sx Nissan Silvia

    Thought I'd let you guys on here know that I've put my Nissan Silvia up for sale as I need a family car and need to save up for a wedding... Its currently on autotrader and pistonheads. Any questions feel free to ask.. Cheers Richard:thumbs:
  10. mint

    Headlight covers thing

    pretty lame however wud save yours getting damaged during dori action
  11. Z

    will s14 condensor fit s15

    Does anyone know if the s14 condensor will fit the s15 ? , i need to replace my condensor and i know someone who has a s14 and will save me a bit of $$ if it will.
  12. Nicely

    Front Indicator Bulb Type

    As it says. To save me having to go and take it out to check. Anyone know the bulb type?