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    start up problem

    This problem just happened recently... normally it's only take 1 sec to start engine but now 2~3 sec (I guess) for cold start. After that I park my car for 2~3 hours and start again it's just normal as before but not for parking more than 8 hours (or engine cool down?). Spark plugs:ngk Iridium...
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    Wires that turns lights on when I open the car.

    I would like to know where the wire is that lights the interior light on when I enter the car. Also when I turn off the car it remains for 30 sec. and 30 sec after I close the door. I think it's one of those blue neon that comes as factory option. I have simliar one but it's done manually so i...
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    My drag with Skyline 2.5Turbo AT =)

    rb25det with AT (Skyline 33 4door) vs sr20de MT video: 19 sec. 2.2Mb DivX 6