1. holzkreuz

    FS: Top Secret FRP Bonnet

    I have to sell my Top Secret (Maybe TS Style) Bonnet Great Condition, nothing damaged and very massive! Cuts for Original Aero Catches have been drilled, but the Catches are not with it. Pic Up Only or Ship at buyers cost. Located in Germany Price: 380€ Here some pictures:
  2. C

    Project R33 GTR by Cougar Motorsport

    Hello guys. I have not been here for quite a while due to massive work onto this one project for year 2010. Just my way to say sorry for not being around as i did couple of weeks later. As for the project car i know it's an S but what the heck wish it was and i hope i get my hands one soon. Due...
  3. J

    Help-Changing bodypaint!

    Guys, Finally got to installing some kits and planning for a total re-paint. The car will be hitting the oven real soon, so please help me decide! Here is a recent pic of my car in WV2 pewter:- These are some of the colors i've narrowed down to:- i) Top secret gold (cant remember the...
  4. J


    I have a set of smoked "Winkers" to fit (smurks at the word winker) Can someone let me in on the secret of how the HELL you get the old orange ones out?! Is it a wheel-arch-off jobby? :rolleyes: