1. Cess

    Engine bay/slam panel nut sizes

    Folks, I want to tidy up my slam panel and was wondering what size of nuts are needed. Basically M= what? Hopefully, that makes sense. Cheers.
  2. CMR

    Autobahn88 FMIC Questions

    Just in the middle of fitting my Autobahn FMIC, well, I've retired for the night as it's dark. Got all the old bits off just fitting the new stuff now :nod: Where have people bolted the two top supports for the FMIC core to (as per the pic below) The instructions might as well not have english...
  3. D


    Just emailed perfect run lookin for the window visors and they said nissan have G3810-85F00 in stock which is the right hand side one and they said the left hand side one which is G3811-85F00 is discontinued. Does that make sense or do they not come as a set?:confused:
  4. K

    c's short shift

    ok guys got my c's short shift but does anyone have ENGRISH instructions! im sure once i start taking it appart it will al make sense butin the mean time........can anyone help lol :thumbs: