1. 70YSR

    Need help asap! removing s15 engine...

    Hey guys need help if anyones done it before.. swaping another sr20 into my s15. i'm at the stage of pulling out the engine (don't ask why i can't pull out the gearbox at the same time) but i can't seem to seperate it from the gearbox... anything i'm missing i've checked and rechecked that...
  2. C

    Electric rad fan

    Is there any way of altering the temp at which the elec rad fan kicks in without geting a seperate fan controller? It normally kicks in at 95C and off at 90C. Cheers :)
  3. A

    Help with Part Numbers? JDM Window Visor

    Looking at getting a price for a pair of JDM S15 Window Visors from Nissan and would like to get some part numbers if anyone has FAST working please :D I've highlighted what I'm after in the picture below, obviously a left and a right would be required if they are listed as seperate parts. Cheers.