1. G

    power fc identification

    hi all, i have recently imported an s15 and it had a few more goodies on than i was expecting. now it has an apexi power fc on it. it runs a z32 maf but i have also found a denso 3bar map sensor and a fast acting IAT sensor. now what style ecu is it L-jetro or D-jetro?? serial number is...
  2. M

    ***apexi power fc serial number verification help ***

    Hey guys got my hands on a very cheap power fc but just want to confirm it is for nissan s15 the serial number is SR2018 020-0946 I have tried google etc but no luck Thanks
  3. subzero

    Software for using the Diagnostic Port ??

    any help here appreciated, i know you could go to a specialist etc, but what do i need to do it at home . serial cable to link to pc and software ?? is the software downloadable anywhere or can be bought .